SELECT *, uf.id_prop AS star, STR_TO_DATE(date, '%M %d %Y') as latest, IF(COUNT( DISTINCT rent ) > 1,CONCAT('$', MIN(rent), ' - $', MAX(rent)),CONCAT('$', rent)) as rent, IF(COUNT( DISTINCT beds ) > 1,CONCAT(MIN(beds), ' - ', MAX(beds)),beds) as beds FROM properties AS p INNER JOIN prop_units AS u ON u.id_prop = p.id_pg LEFT JOIN prop_photos c ON p.id_pg = c.id_prop AND c.p_order = 1 INNER JOIN user_fav uf ON p.id_pg = uf.id_prop AND uf.id_session = '60386cf1002974.20775982' GROUP BY p.id_pg Faves

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